Veteran Outdoor Programs

We are a Veteran based 501c3 sharing knowledge and education of the outdoors. 
We do outdoor education and bring special populations of people through our programs who can benefit from it. We believe that the outdoors has many therapeutic qualities. We give people the gift of the outdoors. They learn how to approach it, utilize it, and make it a tool for themselves. These programs give them discipline, purpose, happiness, community, support, and drive. These are skills that they then can do on their own and share with their families.

The programs are designed to give veterans a baseline of education and understanding of whatever activity they may be doing and then the experience.

Our goals are to be able to run 8-10 programs a year. We currently have a Navy SEAL Gold Star program, combat wounded women veteran program, Navy SEAL snowboard program, widows of police officer bird hunts, and we will have more. First responders and veteran related programs are the focus, and adding youth programs in here is important as well.

The goal is to create long term programs where they have support from our team and they create a tribe/community of support within the learning.

We have many volunteers and companies who are supporting. Volunteers are all defined on our website under “our team” and partner companies under “partners” as well.

As our programs grow for 2024 & 2025 we are compiling recipients and creating interest lists. Please follow the link below to get on our list and if you have any questions at all please email us at