Veteran & Gold Star Fishing Experiences

We are stoked for our charter fishing trips. We provide these trips for our veterans & Gold Star families currently.
They are mostly out of San Diego and we can not provide travel costs to or from the trip. Most trips will be fully paid for, but every trip is different and will be addressed and explained as you get info on them.
We partner with other non-profits on some of these and can also refer you to them for trips that come up as well. 
We will save all the emails sent and our Fishing Committee and board will go through applicants for each trip. 
Please be aware that each trip is typically 24-48 hours and mid week.
To be on our waiting list for these bad ass trips please email us with the answers to these questions below!
- Are you a veteran or Gold Star family member?
- Can you please describe briefly your experience/time serving, what branch, and current status? If a Gold Star family member then just some info on your family member who served please.
- Please tell us a little bit about your "why" on attending?
- Have you been on a charter fishing trip before? If so, what id you fish for and how many have you been on?
- Have you been to an event at The Ranch? If so, which one?
- How will this trip make a difference in your life and what will it mean for you?