Home Delivery Info

We do deliveries weekly to your doorstep. We are a minimal waste company and deliver without dry ice or boxes and ask that you have a cooler out front, or are there to receive it.  We sell this product only to our San Diego communities, and are proud to support transparent farmers, who are doing it right! (Whole animals are special orders & please shoot us a message.) 

  • FREE DELIVERIES on all orders over $200-

All orders will be fulfilled within the week. You will be responsible to set out a cooler or a bag for us to drop your product in (or you are welcome to meet us in front of your house to recieve as we drop). Please, in the "notes" when you purchase put any specifics on delivery and make sure a reliable number to text is in the order. 

We will text you a time frame for delivery, and when we are on the way, AND when we have dropped! If we don’t hear back from you we will not deliver until we make contact. 

These orders are custom cut and wrapped for your family.

We will post reminders and updates on Instagram so make sure you are following @cookpigs!

​Availability and proteins will change each week of delivery so make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter.