Gold Star Warrior Program

We are so excited for our Gold Star Warrior Programs! If you don’t know what Gold Stars are, let us share with you who these legendary families are. Gold Star Families, those included in this Registry, are individuals who have received the Gold Star Lapel Button from the Department of Defense for the sacrifice of their loved one. 

Our goal is make the outdoors accessible, approachable, and a therapeutic tool for our Gold Star families.

We believe that the outdoors has many therapeutic qualities. We give people the gift of the outdoors. They learn how to approach it, utilize it, and make it a tool for themselves. These programs give them discipline, purpose, happiness, community, support, and drive. These are skills that they then can do on their own and share with their families.

The programs are designed to give them a baseline of education and understanding of whatever activity they may be doing and then the experience.

 We will be creating programs with our Gold Star Director, Rebecca Lincoln. 

Please follow the link below to fill out the contact info and let us know your interest in our programs! We will get back to you within the week to place you on the list for our upcoming programs.


Please contact us with any questions or thoughts: