THE RANCH OUTDOORS / Educational Experiences

The BEST part of what we do is this! We’ve taken all our knowledge, passion, and drive and created The Ranch Outdoors program. Mike, our brother Jeff, and friend Bryce all are hunter safety instructors here at The Ranch. Besides teaching Hunter Safety we also teach hands-on courses, hunter education, regarding whole animal breakdown, skinning and gutting, packing, survival, butchery, and have a 3D archery course. 
Our 3D course is not public and is open when we have hunter education happening. The course is set up for hunting practice not tournament style. Shoot for the kill. 

Our classes are geared toward hunting. They are focused on the hunter being prepared and really understanding what to do and prepare to kil and then after the kill. 

Our family is public land California hunters. We are meat hunters. We are conservationists. We believe in passing these traditions to the next generation. 

We donate on a monthly basis some of our proceeds to Blood Orgins.  We support the important work they are doing and education they are spreading ( ). 

Hunting goes so much further than the kill. It’s our ancestors, it’s our blood, it’s us.