Bows For Better Program

Donate old bows or new bows to people who are veterans, first responders and gold star families


Bow Donators:

We are a 501C and you can write this off for taxes. We are happy to take a full set up or a bare bow. We ask that you please write us an email on your history with your bow, why you loved this bow (or hated it!), and what it means to you to donate it. This email will go to your recipient and they will be able to contact you to thank you. You are also welcome to be anonymous but we would like to share your story! We also will happily take any components or hunting/tech gear as donations too. Please email us at


Bow Recipients:

The recipient must be active duty or first responder or retired. The recipient needs to be new into shooting a bow or have little experience. This program is not for someone looking to upgrade their gear. The bows for better program is handing purpose off to good dudes and ladies and helping get them started in their bow hunting/shooting journey! If you get a bow you will then have to go to your local bow shop to get it dialed all in. If you are not local shipping charges may be charged.

In the form below, please include:

- Address 
- First responder / military service ? How many years and still active or out? 
- Have you ever owned a bow or bow hunter? If so how much experience? 
- What eye dominant are you? 
- Height/weight? 
- Why do you want a bow and what would this mean for you? 
- Please tell us a little about you and your story! 
- Have you been to the ranch before?